I’m honored that WRENCH magazine picked “The Mantis” to grace the cover of their new issue. It’s a huge opportunity to showcase my work and my favorite build I’ve done to date. If you haven’t seen the magazine yet go to your local newsstand and pick up a copy of Easyriders V-Twin edition and get your free copy of WRENCH. Thanks to Cary and the rest of the Easyriders family along with my good friend John N. for taking the incredible photos!  







Our friend and super talented photographer Cicero came by the shop last month to do a photo shoot for Godspeed4506. We can’t thank him enough for coming by! Here are some of my personal favorites handpicked from the shoot.

If you don’t already know about Godspeed4506, check it out at godspeed4506.com or on Instagram @godspeed4506.




The Road Less Traveled 

On a trip back from Vermont recently we stopped to get gas and took a wrong turn. We actually ended up driving by a friend’s shop without knowing it. As I entered his shop, he says to me “Hey chopper dude!” like he expected me to walk through the door. He was actually about to close up for the day. This lengthened Matchless girder front end was leaning up against the wall whispering, “Hey! Psssst, hey man over here! I’m a far out front end from the psychedelic days and you should take me home with you.” So, needless to say, I ended up with a new hang around at the shop. Weird how things work… My universe seems to coincide with a far out chopper dimension. Thanks universe!


It’s official!!


The Race of Gentlemen dates have been officially announced! So you know what that means… Friday, October 2nd is Night of the Troglodytes, my friends!!! The greatest chopper party on earth! If you’re not familiar with it, here’s the rundown: A bunch of cycle savage, beatnik, outcast and general weirdo chopper cretins take over the Surf Comber Hotel in Wildwood, NJ for one night of music, beer and custom scooters… If you ain’t there, you’re square!

Check out: www.theraceofgentlemen.com for more info.

If you’ve got a 60s-70s style chopper, show bike or survivor chop and would like to put you’re scoot in the show, please contact me at: nightofthetroglodytes@gmail.com


Tank buck update

So I made a little bit more progress on my tank buck. It’s almost finished and ready to make flexible shape patterns. I carved out the backside to fit what will be the backbone of the frame running through the center of the frame. This is gonna be my best yet… Born Free 7, possibly? But this I’m building for myself and to blow some minds! You ain’t seen nothin yet…